This 1200W 80+ Platinum PSU is just $160 after a $60 Newegg discount


1200W PSUs are pretty few and far between, but if you’re planning a truly high-end system with multiple graphics cards – or even multiple PCs! – then this level of performance could be useful. Currently, you can purchase a 1200W Super Flower Leadex 80+ Platinum PSU for just $160 at Newegg when you use the code ASW4DN23229.

This power supply comes with a 10-year warranty – so it’s likely the last component in your case you’ll ever need to replace and should last for many years to come. As you’d expect from a power supply with this performance, it’s completely modular, so you only need to connect the power cables you’ll actually use, saving you space in your case.

In the ranking of the most popular power supplies of all time, this power supply is listed as an “A” power supply and is characterized above all by its quiet operation – definitely a relief when it comes to power supplies with high wattage. Clean!

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