Destiny 2 fans want three long-overdue armor sets in their final form



  • Destiny 2 players want Bungie to add long-standing armor sets that are currently unavailable in the game.
  • Fashion and customization have always been important in Destiny 2, and the addition of the appearance customization system allows players to wear their strongest armor without sacrificing style.
  • While some armor sets have become popular with players since the original Destiny, they are not currently available in Destiny 2, but there may be hope for their inclusion in future updates.


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Some Destiny 2 Players are hoping Bungie will add three armor sets that have been around for a long time in the franchise but are no longer available The final form starts. With every new season of Destiny 2, Bungie has added new armor sets to the first-person shooter, giving players a huge collection to choose from. Be it Strikes, Crucible, Iron Banner, or Raids, almost every activity in the game has an armor set that players can go after.

fashion in Destiny 2 has always been an important feature in the game, with armor playing a central role. With the addition of Destiny 2The Appearance Customization System allows players to change their armor to look like another piece, provided they had previously unlocked it. The transmog system makes most things possible Destiny 2 Players can now wear their strongest armor pieces to tackle end-game content without sacrificing looks and functionality. Even though there are so many armor pieces to choose from, there are some that have stuck with players since their introduction determination days.


Some of Destiny 2’s most popular armor sets are coming back, but there’s a catch

Season of Wish in Destiny 2 marks the return of several popular armor sets, but there’s a big catch with some of them.

This is the case with the very first armor sets, where players will see their Guardian when they look at the character selection screen upon booting up determination. For Hunters, the armor set is brown and features a helmet with what looks like an air filter, while the selectable Warlock character wears a long red jacket that opens from the waist down. On the other hand, Titans could choose a character wearing white and black plated armor. In the Season 19 Witch Queen cutscene where the Traveler exits the Tower and Earth, variations of these armor sets were shown to be worn by a fireteam.

Players want the Destiny Character Select armor sets to be in their final form

Although the exact sets are not in the game, players have found similar armor pieces, such as the Prodigal armor set worn by warlocks. Reddit user HimB0Z0’s post prompted some fans to share armor sets they would like to see added Destiny 2, and one even hopes that Commander Zavala’s will be added to the game. Some fans believe the addition of these armor sets would be an excellent conclusion to a decades-long series.

Destiny 2 Vanguard Commanders

However, fans will have to wait a while longer Destiny 2 is in the middle of the longest season in the show’s history The final form was postponed until June. Although there are few details for now, Bungie plans to release an update sooner The final form called “In the Light,” which may contain new armor Destiny 2 Players can expand their collection.

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an online FPS that combines single-player and multiplayer content. The shooter is constantly evolving and has built a strong fan base since its debut in 2017.

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